Radiology: The FDA and Artificial Intelligence

AIimageRedOut of the dozens of AI companies in radiology, eight have apps cleared to market by the FDA (as of March 18, 2018). Almost all of these with FDA clearance have successfully applied via the FDA 510(k) premarket notification process Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence at RSNA 17: Some Observations

AIimageRedArtificial Intelligence (AI) continued to be a hot topic at the Radiology
Society of North America 2017 annual meeting. It was reported that RSNA 2017 had four times the number of AI sessions as there were at RSNA 2016. Two sessions that I attended were standing room only with attendees turned away prior to the start of the papers.

One of the new introductions at this meeting was the AI imaging distribution platform. Continue reading

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Interventional Cardiology in Transition

Aging baby boomers, new clinical therapies, and evolving regulations are increasing the work load of interventional cardiologists. Do these three factors represent a Perfect Storm for cardiology?

If so, let’s hope that cardiology weathers their storm better than the crew of the Andrea Gail fishing trawler did in the “perfect storm” of 1991 as depicted in the 2000 movie. Continue reading

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3D Printing Expanding in Medicine: Implications for Radiology

3D Printing or more accurately, Additive Manufacturing, is quickly finding more and more medical applications. Several of these applications are in radiology. Radiologists are taking note as was evidenced by the sold out session at RSNA 2014, “Fundamentals of 3D Printing” on Sunday morning. Continue reading

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Developing an Enterprise Imaging System Plan: First Steps

Looking beyond radiology and cardiology to build a system to collect, index, manage and communicate images of all types throughout the enterprise is a large and complex undertaking. Key steps in developing a plan are to size the project, establish a governance structure, and lay out a roadmap. Continue reading

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Look at the Dark Side of the Cloud Before Using it for Archiving Images

Dark Side of the Cloud
The attractiveness of the economy of scale of cloud services has drawn many health system CIO’s attention for some time when looking at medical image storage. Now that Enterprise Image Archives are coming, CIO interest in the cloud has increased as has the number of companies offering cloud services to healthcare. When considering the cloud, it is important to look at the risks associated with the cloud and take measures to mitigate these risks. Continue reading

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Smartphones Revive the Black Bag for Doctors: A Mixed Blessing?

Downloadable pdf file here

As recently as the early ‘60s, doctors commonly made doctor-bagxhouse calls carrying a black bag with the basic tools of their profession: stethoscope; thermometer; tongue depressor; otoscope; blood pressure cuff; an assortment of bandages; needles and surgical thread; and a variety of pills. House calls gradually became the rare exception instead of the rule, and the tools of the profession expanded beyond the bag to sophisticated devices Continue reading

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Patients Do More than Engage — They Can Take Control

While CMS is focused on patient portals in EHRs to engage patients, patients have been engaging themselves with the aid of smartphones.  Smartphones have been supplemented with a variety of external sensors which track health parameters, providing information for the patient to manage their healthcare. These devices attack chronic health issues such as obesity, noncompliance with medication, diabetes, and heart disease. Continue reading

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Enterprise Imaging: The Enterprise and More

Just as PACS is not just about radiology, Enterprise Imaging is not just about the Enterprise.   Incorporating images from outside the Enterprise must be managed as well.   Images outside the firewall include not only images sent in for consultation but those associated with various image sharing needs and telehealth programs operated by the Enterprise. The workflow Continue reading

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ONC/CMS Dataset Analyzed for Radiology Centric View of EHR Incentive Program

The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) and the Center for Medicare Medicaid Services (CMS) have updated the dataset showing the EHR products and vendors used for attestation of Meaningful Use of a Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CERT). It also identifiers the types of providers using these EHR’s as described in the technical datasheet.
The dataset contains information from April of 2011 through January 31, 2013 identifying the type of provider Continue reading

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